July 13, 2014

Add HTML editor plugin for Eclipse in 6 steps

Hi guys,

Those developers who deal with web page editing while making a project in eclipse face problems as there is no html editor. Eclipse has all your answers provided you find the right plugins. So here's how in 6 steps you can solve your problem:

  • Open Eclipse. Go to Help> Install New Software.
  • Select 'Juno' repository from the 'Work with' dropdown menu.
  • Just below the dropdown is a searchbox. Type 'web' , hit enter.
  • Select 'Web Page Editor'. Click Next and then Finish.
  • After it installs, click OK for any message dialog box that turns up.
  • Restart Eclipse.

Tadaa! Additionally, you can go to Eclipse> Window> Preferences> General> Editors> File Associations> File types> select *.html and *.htm > Associated editors> HTML editor> Click Default and OK. Easy, no?

June 24, 2014

16 Amazing websites you must see!

1. Help your friends who're feeling too lazy to do even a google search. This site is just WOW as it animates the whole process and shows results to your friends

2. Want to know what the internet thinks about a name/ place/ animal /thing ?

3. Send a secret message. Self-destroys after being read and notifies you.

4. Want to use an email id for some online forms just for registrations? Create an email id for just 10 minutes. Receive mails. Self- destroyed after that.

5. Create, upload and edit pdfs online.

6. Restrict your online time with this online count down timer or set reminders.

7. Life size message broadcasting.

8. This amazing site shows all stats since you were born!

9. Speak. He'll listen. He'll reply. One of its kind.

10. Someone's always pointing at your cursor.

11. If moon were only 1 pixel. Helps us realize how big our solar system really is!

12. know if a site is down for everyone or just for you.

13. Tells you when you should sleep to get a perfect sleep according to your wake up time.

14. How many people are in space right now, and who they are?

15. Make someone feel you're pro-hacker!

16. Whale behind your cursor.

June 3, 2014

Learn how to use Twitter in 5 mins!

Hi guys. Its amazing to know that over 500 million users have account on twitter. This proves it is really a very popular social networking site. But only 140 million use it on a regular basis, which shows its learning curve is rather confusing to people.

So today I'll try to give you the basics of twitter. See the picture above. I've numbered all the elements of twitter upto 20 and I'll explain you their meaning one by one below:

What is twitter?
It is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read short 140-character text messages, called tweets

  1. Photo: this photo is your identity on twitter and appears with your tweets.
  2. Your name and below that @xyz is your username on twitter.
  3. Number of tweets you've done so far.
  4. Number of people you're following.
  5. Number of people following you.
  6. Create your new tweet right from here.
  7. The current trending topics.
  8. This section show you tweets/retweets from the person you're following.
  9. Bases on popularity and your interests, this section suggests you whom to follow.
  10. This is the footer of this webpage showing you quick links of twitter. Normally we never use them.
  11. Just like facebook, this section shows you new notifications related to you.
  12. What's happening now, tailored for you. The current happenings which you might be interested in based on your curiosity over time which twitter observed.
  13. Your account page, your tweets, people you follow. Everything related to just you.
  14. Search on twitter from here.
  15. Send a private message from here.
  16. View all settings that you can regulate from here.
  17. Compose a new tweet from here.
  18. Reply: this is same as facebook's comment feature. You can write you own view on the tweet.
  19. Retweet: this is same as facebook's share feature. When you retweet, people following you will see this tweet on their twitter home page.
  20. Favorite: this is same as facebook's like feature. People following you will see this tweet as marked as favorite by you on their twitter home page.
That's all friends! Hope now you'll not feel alienated on tweeter. Happy tweeting :)

May 31, 2014

Mother Bird: Live on Windows Phone Store!!

Mother Bird for Windows Phone is here!!
Just click on the link to go to Windows Phone Store and play my first game for windows phone :)

May 17, 2014

How to convert dynamic disk back to basic disk

Recently I installed windows 7 on my laptop. While installing I came to know that I can't make more than 4 disk partitions. After successful installation, I decided to shrink one of the highest space drive. Windows said I needed to convert the drives to dynamic for this purpose. I did that. Later that day I wanted to repartition my drives and install windows 8.1, windows restricted me to do so because the drives were dynamic. So after hours of struggle I was able to convert them back to basic and I think this information might me helpful for someone someday, hence posting it here:

  1. Boot your system with windows installation dvd in it.
  2. Click Repair your system.
  3. Open command prompt.
  4. Type diskpart
  5. Type list disk
  6. Type select disk 0
  7. Type clean
Repeat steps 6 and 7 for all the disks which you have. That's all! Your factory fresh system is in your hands :)

May 4, 2014

The other side of Partitioning SD card to increase android's RAM

Partitioning SD card does free up a portion of internal memory for use as RAM. However, there are many not so positive side effects:
  1. SD card needs re-partitioned and all your SD card data will be lost during process.
  2. SD card speed rating plays a crucial role in the system's overall performance and stability.
  3. If you remove SD card, phone will stop working.
  4. SD card's life will get reduced and there will be extra wear and tear over time as SD cards, unlike EPROM in flash memory, aren't designed for many write cycles.
  5. Device will not be stable. You may see application not responding more often.
  6. If data corruption happens on SD card, phone will become inoperable, requiring a complete re-flashing of ROM and loss of all data.

May 1, 2014

Beats Audio: Revolutionize your android music experience!

So what do these apple fans brag about most? Of course the music quality. Even though this is pretty much the only thing they can boast about, seems now android lovers are going to snatch this privilege too haha!

A much heard brand in classy music industry: beats audio drivers is up for grabs. A number of phones sporting beats audio were released by HTC. Beats audio is a branded equalizer that enhances the overall music listening experience. XDA developers have turned this into an app for all android phone owners :)

Your devices must be rooted in order to savour the flavours of this amazing driver. Moreover, if after installing you feel you were better of stock, simply uninstall.

April 25, 2014

What after rooting my android device?

Ok, so one fine day in your life you heard the term root. You enquired about it. You learnt a lot from different websites. And you got inspired enough to root your device. Congratulations you've successfully rooted it too. Now what?

Here is a list of some of the must have apps which you should give it a try after rooting:

  1. Superuser
    Grant and manage superuser rights for your device.

  2. Battery calibration
    After a time of using any android device, the battery status becomes somewhat fake. As the battery is no longer as healthy as it was when it was new. The app helps you reset battery status so that you could see correct battery charging percentage.

  3. Boot animations
    Remove the time-consuming boot animations for faster shut down, starting up and reboot. Alternatively, you can customize the boot animations if you want.

  4. Boot manager
    You can prevent selected apps to run on system startup. Saves battery and time.

  5. Call master
    It is an advanced call, sms and mms blocker with unique privacy features.

  6. ES file explorer
    It is a free, full-featured file and app manager.

  7. Font installer
    Select from hundreds of custom fonts to install system wide. Preview, backup, install from SD card and share your fonts.

  8. Greenify
    Never should your phone or tablet become slower and battery hungrier after lots of apps installed. It hibernates selected apps.

  9. Kernel tuner
    It is a tool for root users to completely customize their device behaviour. This is the only application that offers full multi-core control over their devices. It allows users to control each core of their devices independently.

  10. SD booster
    SD-Booster speeds up your external and internal SD-Card(s) and SD-Memory up to 40 times! (its true)

  11. Terminal emulator
    Engineering student? UNIX in syllabus? Access your android's built-in linux command line shell.

  12. Titanium backup
    You can backup and restore your apps + data + Market links. This includes all protected apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card.

  13. Webkey
    Using this program you can control your phone from any browser.

  14. WiFi Credentials Recovery
    This tool will discover all protected WiFi network's passwords that your device was connected to. If you forgot your WiFi network password and you were already connected to the network,this tool will discover the password.

  15. Wifikill
    With this app you can disable internet connection for a device on the same network.

Steps to root Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 GT-P3100

Please ensure your important files and apps are backed up and you have sufficient battery.

  1. Download and install USB Drivers on your pc.
  2. Go to menu > settings > applications > Development option> enable USB debugging mode.

  3. Download cf-root and odin and extract them.
  4. Turn off your tab. Press and hold volume down and power buttons together. A warning message will appear on the screen, press volume down button. You'll enter into download mode.

  5. Right click on file odin3 v3.07.exe > run as administrator.
  6. Plug in the USB cable to the tab to connect it with the computer while tab is in the download mode.

  7. Wait for some time until odin detects the tab. When connected successfully, the id: com box will turn blue with the com port number. Also, successful connection will be indicated by an added message in odin.
  8. In odin, click the pda button and select cf-auto-root-espressorf-espressorfxx-gtp3100.tar.md5 file.

  9. Ensure the auto reboot and f.reset time checkboxes are selected in odin. But uncheck the re-partition option.
  10. Click the start button in odin to begin installation.

Once the flashing process is completed, the tab will restart automatically. And soon a pass message with green background will appear in the extreme-left box at the top of odin. When then home screen is seen on the tab's screen, unplug the USB cable from the tablet to disconnect it from the computer . Caution: rooting will void your device's warranty and the process might brick your device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 running on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean official firmware should be now rooted successfully. Users may now install any app that requires root permission.

April 22, 2014


ढूंढे हर इक सांस में
डुबकियों के बाद में
हर भंवर के पास. किनारे..

We have searched in every breath
After having a dip
Near every storm. Shores..

बह रहे जो साथ में
जो हुमारे खास थे
कर गये अपनी बात. किनारे..

The ones who were flowing with us
The ones who were special for us
They said what they had to, and went to the. Shores..

गर माझी सारे साथ में.. गैर हो भी जायें
तो खुद ही तो पतवार बन.. पार होंगे हम

Even if all the boatmen together.. become strangers to us
Then we will become paddles ourselves.. and cross on our own

जो छोटी सी हर इक नहर.. सागर बन भी जाये
कोई तिनका ले के हाथ में.. ढूंढ लेंगे हम. किनारे..

Even if every small canal.. turns into a sea
We’ll take a straw in our hand.. and find. Shores..

खुद ही तो हैं हम. किनारे.
कैसे होंगे काम. किनारे
हैं जहाँ हैं हम. किनारे.
खुद ही तो हैं हम. किनारे.

We ourselves are. Shores.
Then how can there be less. Shores.
Wherever we are, there are. Shores.
We ourselves are. Shores.

औरों से क्या खुद ही से.. पूछ लेंगे राहें
यहीं कहीं मौजों में ही.. ढूँढ लेंगे हम

Why others, we'll ask ourselves only.. the path
We'll find it here somewhere.. in the waves only

बूँदों से ही तो हैं बनी.. बाँध लेंगे लेहेरें
पैरों तले जो भी मिले.. मान लेंगे हम. किनारे..

They're made of water only.. we'll tie the waves
Whatever comes under our feet.. we'll believe they are. Shores..

April 17, 2014

How to boot any Micromax device in Recovery mode

Simply press power button + volume down button + volume up button simulteneously :)

April 14, 2014

How to correct your mobile GPS if it’s not working

I have rooted Micromax Canvas 4 and my gps was not working. I did all possible customizations which you could possibly think of. Then I found this AWESOMEST app which fixed my all gps-related problems in like 30 seconds!! A big thanks to developer :)

Follow these steps:
  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to location access.
  3. Check ‘access to my location’ and ‘wi-fi & mobile network location’.
  4. Turn ‘GPS satellites’ on.
  5. Now tap on the words ‘GPS satellites’ to open GPS satellites settings.
  6. Check ‘GPS EPO assistance’ and ‘A-GPS’.
  7. Turn on Wi-Fi of your device.

Now download '
GPS Status Test & Fix' app
  1. Open the app
  2. Click 'Reset GPS'
  3. Click 'Get Xtra data'
  4. Wait till GPS gets fixed (around 30 seconds)

And you're done :D As simple as that!!

April 4, 2014

Send 1GB+ file in 3 minutes or less on Android !!

It's finally here!! The app we all have been waiting for since time immortal! The title of the post is really true, I've witnessed it time and again!! I know it's hard to believe.. but this is so true!! Presenting an all new android app: SUPERBEAM !! Super new, Super fast, Super awesome!! No bluetooth, No Wifi, No Internet Connection Required whatsoever!!

How does it work ?: 

  • The app creates an ad-hoc network (wifi direct) for sharing files between devices if no Wi-Fi network is present. 
  • Install superbeam on both devices and pair them using QR/ NFS/ Code. 
  • You can even connect Superbeam to an Android device without Superbeam installed.
  • Or to a computer by connecting those computer to the ad-hoc network Superbeam creates.

April 1, 2014

How to activate hyper-v

If you are a Microsoft Windows Phone App Developer, you will need either:
  • A Windows Phone
  • or, Emulator
to test and run your app. If you've a windows phone well and good. But if you don't then you must configure your system in order to run the emulator. 
  • If you're using a laptop, remove your laptop battery
  • Enable virtualization technology from BIOS setup
  • Turn USB 3.0 off or set it in auto mode from BIOS setup
  • Go to 'control panel'
  • Click 'Programs'
  • Click 'Turn windows features on or off'
  • Check 'Hyper-v'
After these steps, you need to reboot and you're good to go. You may reinsert the battery. Your machine is hyper-v enabled now.

March 31, 2014

'Dream on..'

I was having a rough day and I was disturbed. The events of the morning were haunting me till the noon. So in the evening I was strolling with my bro Imran Khan to calm down. A walk with someone close often does that to me. When I told him what had happened, I discovered he had witnessed something similar a few days ago. After a few moments of pause, I said 'Bro, I have a dream about a future where none of this will happen. I want to make things better. I will make things better. Things can be improved if we all make collaborative efforts. In my dream, I see this possible.' He replied '..that's why it's called a dream bro..'. I froze.

'This is reality. Things are never gonna become picture perfect. We need to live with it. The problems are a part.' he continued. My inner self began questioning the possibility of my dream becoming a reality. He was right. Things might not be as I have imagined. Consider this- whatever we had planned 3 years ago about our future, are we living up to that? No.

I said 'Still, having a dream betters your life. You have something to live for. Something for which you rise every morning only to put in more efforts and reach a step closer towards your dream. And even if you don't achieve your exact dream, you'll definitely make your life better.'

He smiled and replied ' that's why I say.. Dream On.. ' :)

March 23, 2014

Bored by buffering? Play youtube's secret snake game!

Do you love watching youtube's videos, but due to slow internet you have to face its annoying buffering? Now don't get bored by buffering! The buffering circle is actually a snake, use your arrow keys while the buffering is taking place to play your all time favorite time killer- the snake game! Enjoy :)

March 12, 2014

Mother Bird 1.1 (developed by Mayank Mohan Upadhyay)

Loved Mother Bird 1.0Here's next version of that fun game :)

What's new?

+ introduction of levels
+ new tap key : enter
+ improved codes to remove lag
+ new game play design
+ new home design
+ new game over design
+ new design of birds
+ less taps for new game
+ option to reset scores
+ you can send feedback

I'd love to include your ideas and suggestion in next version. Please feel free to give feedback. More exciting features on the way.. Game On!

Download here: http://gg.gg/motherbird1download (size: 0.5mb)

March 6, 2014

Mother Bird 1.0 (developed by Mayank Mohan Upadhyay)

Love flappy birds? I've made my own version of that game!
Mother Bird 1.0 :: Help mother bird find her daughter bird flown away by storm!

Please give your valuable reviews about the app :) I'll upload on Google Play and Windows app store soon :)

Free download mother bird for desktop here: http://gg.gg/motherbird1download (size 0.1 MB)

March 3, 2014

Install android apps on external sd card by default

So you got a new android smartphone and are excited to download all the awesome apps your friends told you. This goes on for a while until you realize that you're running low on internal storage and can't install new apps. Idea! You install an app which moves your apps to external sd card. Now you would ask me why this post? I'll give you 2 reasons:
  • Not all apps can be moved to external sd, like your phone's default apps and apps which require to run services on startup like whatsapp, facebook etc.
  • If your phone's internal storage is say 1.5gb, and you find an app of size 1.6gb, then no matter how much internal storage area you clear, you can't install that app on your phone.
Here's how you can set your phone's default app installation location to external sd card. If you're a developer the process is pretty easy. For non-developers, the process is bit lengthy but totally worth it. Advantages include:
  • You can move any app to external sd, even default apps!
  • Irrespective of what internal storage your phone manufacturer provides you with, you can install apps as big as 64gb* on your phone! (*that is, if your external sd card is of 64gb)
  • Most importantly not everyone knows that all apps installed on internal sd turn their services on at startup, which continues to drain your battery irrespective of whether you use those apps or not. Certain apps like whatsapp should not be moved to external sd as then their services will not start automatically until you open the app, and hence you'll miss important messages your friends send you. Move other apps to external sd, hence no process will start by its own, which results in me battery throughout the day!
The Process:
  1. Install java JDK
  2. Install google’s android SDK
  3. In your android smartphone, go to settings
  4. Open developer options
  5. Check 'USB debugging'
  6. Rest of the steps are easily available on net for developers, follow these steps

How to correct your mobile GPS if it’s not working

Brands such as Micromax, Lava, Karbonn, Celkon, Videocon, Xolo etc. offer cheaper smartphones as compared to companies like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Htc, Blackberry, LG, Sony etc. But this cost-cut comes at a price. Not all features like camera, display etc. work as great. Among these, GPS not getting fixed is the chief of all problems. If you’re facing the same problem, don’t worry, a simple setting alteration can get GPS in your mobile working like high end mobiles! Here’s the procedure:

(99% devices will work fine after these steps)

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Go to location access.
  3. Check ‘access to my location’ and ‘wi-fi & mobile network location’.
  4. Turn ‘GPS satellites’ on.
  5. Now tap on the words ‘GPS satellites’ to open GPS satellites settings.
  6. Check ‘GPS EPO assistance’ and ‘A-GPS’.
  7. Turn on Wi-Fi of your device.
Your GPS should definitely start working after following the above steps. Just in cases the problem persists, download these 2 apps from google play:

1. GPS Fix (android labs)

Just run both apps one by one and there you go! Open google maps app now on your android device and turn on GPS, you’ll see it is working like butter.

(rest of the devices [including rooted ones] will work fine after these steps)

  1. Dial *#*#3646633#*#* to go to engineering mode
  2. Go to 'location setting'
  3. Click 'reset profile'
  4. Enable 'TLS enable'
  5. Change ID to 'IPv4'
  6. Click 'save the profile'
  7. Go to 'YGPS' 
  8. From menu options (left key), select 'show location'
  9. Wait for GPS to get locked
  10. Click 'show location in bg'
  11. Reboot your smartphone.
By now your GPS should work fine. If problem persists:
  1. Disable 'TLS'
  2. Change SLP to 'Chinese AGPS'
  3. Change ID to IMSI

By any chance if you are still not satisfied with your GPS, download this app , press menu button, go to 'manage a-gps state', click 'download'.

Your GPS will definitely work like never before now :)

March 2, 2014

JRE (java runtime environment) net-based installation wizard

If a dialogue box pops up asking you what to do next, simply click ‘Run’. Keep clicking ‘Next’/ ‘Install’ button when they appear in dialog boxes until the installation is complete.

ps JRE is required to run any java apps on client computers.
Click here for all JRE download options

Wifi hotspot creation: share your laptop's internet

Follow one of the following steps for making your laptop a wifi hotspot:
  1. Goto Start> Run> Type secpol.msc
  2. Goto Action> Properties> Location> Select type: Private
  3. Download this software: http://connec8.blogspot.in/2013/02/introduction.html
  4. Alternate link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dgr532ulllaqsok/Connec8.zip
  5. Alternatly, my dropbox link: https://db.tt/0dzcFc0q

When Skype android app stops working..

I use Skype android app on a regular basis. There are times when the app stops working. And at that time it might be important for you to call someone. Don't worry, you can quickly reset the app as follows:
  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Choose Skype
  4. Click "Force stop"
  5. Click "Clear data"
  6. Open Skype, sign in.
ps. Clearing data will clear archived messages and locally stored contents. But its no harm :)

अहमस्मि योधः ||

..And when it comes to the Roadies spirit, the bikes don't matter. Everyone who rides a bike is not a Roadie. And you don't have to be on the show to be a Roadie. It doesn't matter that neither Rajiv not I are bikers. What matters is that, even after a near-death experience, Rajiv showed us that it was possible to get back on the bike and face fear. Roadies is not about the road either. It's about the attitude. And by attitude, I don't mean aggression; I mean the attitude to face your problems, to face your fears. And that's what Roadies is.
Ride safe.