April 4, 2014

Send 1GB+ file in 3 minutes or less on Android !!

It's finally here!! The app we all have been waiting for since time immortal! The title of the post is really true, I've witnessed it time and again!! I know it's hard to believe.. but this is so true!! Presenting an all new android app: SUPERBEAM !! Super new, Super fast, Super awesome!! No bluetooth, No Wifi, No Internet Connection Required whatsoever!!

How does it work ?: 

  • The app creates an ad-hoc network (wifi direct) for sharing files between devices if no Wi-Fi network is present. 
  • Install superbeam on both devices and pair them using QR/ NFS/ Code. 
  • You can even connect Superbeam to an Android device without Superbeam installed.
  • Or to a computer by connecting those computer to the ad-hoc network Superbeam creates.

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