April 1, 2014

How to activate hyper-v

If you are a Microsoft Windows Phone App Developer, you will need either:
  • A Windows Phone
  • or, Emulator
to test and run your app. If you've a windows phone well and good. But if you don't then you must configure your system in order to run the emulator. 
  • If you're using a laptop, remove your laptop battery
  • Enable virtualization technology from BIOS setup
  • Turn USB 3.0 off or set it in auto mode from BIOS setup
  • Go to 'control panel'
  • Click 'Programs'
  • Click 'Turn windows features on or off'
  • Check 'Hyper-v'
After these steps, you need to reboot and you're good to go. You may reinsert the battery. Your machine is hyper-v enabled now.
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