July 13, 2014

Add HTML editor plugin for Eclipse in 6 steps

Hi guys,

Those developers who deal with web page editing while making a project in eclipse face problems as there is no html editor. Eclipse has all your answers provided you find the right plugins. So here's how in 6 steps you can solve your problem:

  • Open Eclipse. Go to Help> Install New Software.
  • Select 'Juno' repository from the 'Work with' dropdown menu.
  • Just below the dropdown is a searchbox. Type 'web' , hit enter.
  • Select 'Web Page Editor'. Click Next and then Finish.
  • After it installs, click OK for any message dialog box that turns up.
  • Restart Eclipse.

Tadaa! Additionally, you can go to Eclipse> Window> Preferences> General> Editors> File Associations> File types> select *.html and *.htm > Associated editors> HTML editor> Click Default and OK. Easy, no?