March 31, 2014

'Dream on..'

I was having a rough day and I was disturbed. The events of the morning were haunting me till the noon. So in the evening I was strolling with my bro Imran Khan to calm down. A walk with someone close often does that to me. When I told him what had happened, I discovered he had witnessed something similar a few days ago. After a few moments of pause, I said 'Bro, I have a dream about a future where none of this will happen. I want to make things better. I will make things better. Things can be improved if we all make collaborative efforts. In my dream, I see this possible.' He replied '..that's why it's called a dream bro..'. I froze.

'This is reality. Things are never gonna become picture perfect. We need to live with it. The problems are a part.' he continued. My inner self began questioning the possibility of my dream becoming a reality. He was right. Things might not be as I have imagined. Consider this- whatever we had planned 3 years ago about our future, are we living up to that? No.

I said 'Still, having a dream betters your life. You have something to live for. Something for which you rise every morning only to put in more efforts and reach a step closer towards your dream. And even if you don't achieve your exact dream, you'll definitely make your life better.'

He smiled and replied ' that's why I say.. Dream On.. ' :)
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