June 24, 2014

16 Amazing websites you must see!

1. Help your friends who're feeling too lazy to do even a google search. This site is just WOW as it animates the whole process and shows results to your friends

2. Want to know what the internet thinks about a name/ place/ animal /thing ?

3. Send a secret message. Self-destroys after being read and notifies you.

4. Want to use an email id for some online forms just for registrations? Create an email id for just 10 minutes. Receive mails. Self- destroyed after that.

5. Create, upload and edit pdfs online.

6. Restrict your online time with this online count down timer or set reminders.

7. Life size message broadcasting.

8. This amazing site shows all stats since you were born!

9. Speak. He'll listen. He'll reply. One of its kind.

10. Someone's always pointing at your cursor.

11. If moon were only 1 pixel. Helps us realize how big our solar system really is!

12. know if a site is down for everyone or just for you.

13. Tells you when you should sleep to get a perfect sleep according to your wake up time.

14. How many people are in space right now, and who they are?

15. Make someone feel you're pro-hacker!

16. Whale behind your cursor.

June 3, 2014

Learn how to use Twitter in 5 mins!

Hi guys. Its amazing to know that over 500 million users have account on twitter. This proves it is really a very popular social networking site. But only 140 million use it on a regular basis, which shows its learning curve is rather confusing to people.

So today I'll try to give you the basics of twitter. See the picture above. I've numbered all the elements of twitter upto 20 and I'll explain you their meaning one by one below:

What is twitter?
It is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables users to send and read short 140-character text messages, called tweets

  1. Photo: this photo is your identity on twitter and appears with your tweets.
  2. Your name and below that @xyz is your username on twitter.
  3. Number of tweets you've done so far.
  4. Number of people you're following.
  5. Number of people following you.
  6. Create your new tweet right from here.
  7. The current trending topics.
  8. This section show you tweets/retweets from the person you're following.
  9. Bases on popularity and your interests, this section suggests you whom to follow.
  10. This is the footer of this webpage showing you quick links of twitter. Normally we never use them.
  11. Just like facebook, this section shows you new notifications related to you.
  12. What's happening now, tailored for you. The current happenings which you might be interested in based on your curiosity over time which twitter observed.
  13. Your account page, your tweets, people you follow. Everything related to just you.
  14. Search on twitter from here.
  15. Send a private message from here.
  16. View all settings that you can regulate from here.
  17. Compose a new tweet from here.
  18. Reply: this is same as facebook's comment feature. You can write you own view on the tweet.
  19. Retweet: this is same as facebook's share feature. When you retweet, people following you will see this tweet on their twitter home page.
  20. Favorite: this is same as facebook's like feature. People following you will see this tweet as marked as favorite by you on their twitter home page.
That's all friends! Hope now you'll not feel alienated on tweeter. Happy tweeting :)