March 3, 2014

Install android apps on external sd card by default

So you got a new android smartphone and are excited to download all the awesome apps your friends told you. This goes on for a while until you realize that you're running low on internal storage and can't install new apps. Idea! You install an app which moves your apps to external sd card. Now you would ask me why this post? I'll give you 2 reasons:
  • Not all apps can be moved to external sd, like your phone's default apps and apps which require to run services on startup like whatsapp, facebook etc.
  • If your phone's internal storage is say 1.5gb, and you find an app of size 1.6gb, then no matter how much internal storage area you clear, you can't install that app on your phone.
Here's how you can set your phone's default app installation location to external sd card. If you're a developer the process is pretty easy. For non-developers, the process is bit lengthy but totally worth it. Advantages include:
  • You can move any app to external sd, even default apps!
  • Irrespective of what internal storage your phone manufacturer provides you with, you can install apps as big as 64gb* on your phone! (*that is, if your external sd card is of 64gb)
  • Most importantly not everyone knows that all apps installed on internal sd turn their services on at startup, which continues to drain your battery irrespective of whether you use those apps or not. Certain apps like whatsapp should not be moved to external sd as then their services will not start automatically until you open the app, and hence you'll miss important messages your friends send you. Move other apps to external sd, hence no process will start by its own, which results in me battery throughout the day!
The Process:
  1. Install java JDK
  2. Install google’s android SDK
  3. In your android smartphone, go to settings
  4. Open developer options
  5. Check 'USB debugging'
  6. Rest of the steps are easily available on net for developers, follow these steps
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