April 22, 2015

Settled with OnePlus One

The irony is OnePlus One's tagline is #neversettle. Hi, I'm Mayank (in pic: left one). And this is the story of my transformation from being a guy who never used to carry his phone with him to being a guy whose daily driver now is OnePlus One. My earlier smartphones were from Mircomax. Even though the devices were crappy, I would still like to give credits to local manufacturers for being able to bring the smartphones into the lives of students and experimentalists by reducing the cost drastically.

Every time I used to use any of my previous phones, I used to feel "Shit! How could the developers not think about such a basic thing." or "If only this feature were there." Even though I had a smartphone, but I was never able to use it with ease. This was one of the main reasons why I preferred to leave the device at home rather than having false hopes from it at the time of need.

Soon everywhere people started talking about a brand new device which offered high-end specs and performance at affordable price. I suddenly got interested in this gadget. Reviews after reviews, posts after posts, I watched and read them all. And with every passing second I fell in love with OnePlus One more and more. I just wanted that device somehow. Anyhow.

My dream came true within next 2 months. I ordered the device from amazon.in. Hats off to the timely and quality service these people provided.

You can't deny that the packaging is beyond beautiful. You feel like you have ordered a device as costly as at least 2 iPhones together. And when you open the pack and behold this beauty, man! no words can describeThe ergonomics of the device is so wonderful. The baby skin back which is amazing to touch and feel. The placement of hardware buttons. The sharp yet rounded corners. The camera placement. The mics and speakers. You name it! Everything's perfect!

The feel of holding OnePlus One is Royal. The fluidity of touch and animation is insane. Graphic intensive gameplay experience is heaven (Must try NFSMW). NFS was one of the early games that I used to love. When I compare now, OnePlus One runs the game better than my previous PC. Realizing that you have such a beast in your hand is crazily good! 

Screen is crystal clear and bulged screen reading feels like real world paper. Speaker volume is loud and clear. Music experience via earbuds is magic. The 64GB memory enables to download almost unlimited apps and the device practically never slows down or become unresponsive.

You might have experienced "OK Google" feature. But if you've not witnessed the same in OnePlus One, you're missing out big time! Google fit works brilliantly. Google keyboard works like breeze too. The attention you get because of the device is crazy, especially the front camera.

CyanogenModOS on top is absolutely mind blowing. Its custom camera + editing + galary + parallax effects + power button shutter + choice between on-screen and physical buttons + double tap to wake and sleep are a few cutting edge features of this ROM. Level of customization and various option available are impeccable. It feels so good to belong to this community of OnePlus One and CyanogenMod.

 It's a really really good product! They actually never settled for mediocrity and fine tuned every detail. The phone is their words in action. For instance they knew the big bold beautiful Full HD display of OnePlus One is going to consume power. They gave massive 3100mAh battery. And they also gave 5A adapter which full charges the phone in an hour!

4G, 3GB RAM, just 162grams, Corning Gorilla Glass 3, 6 lenses 13MP Sony sensor camera, f/2.0 aperture with dual LED flash, 4K resolution video with stereo recording Slow Motion: 720p video at 120fps, 5MP front camera, NFC,  LED notification light are a few other exciting features of OnePlus One. All of this in just ₹21999/-. Basically it boils down to that. More than value for money. Actually priceless!

On interacting with various OnePlus One users I found out there are a total of 3 downsides of this phone. The device heats up once in a while, which is ok for a smartphone with this spec sheet, but then some users don't like it. There is no FM. And any other adapter/ USB charging will not give you same charging speed.

VERDICT: I would totally suggest you close your eyes and go for it! If you are still in dilemma, feel free to contact me personally via my facebook id fb.com/mumayank7 or my email id mumayank@gmail.com and clear the roadblocks. And if you've already purchased this beauty and the beast, welcome to the family :)