May 17, 2014

How to convert dynamic disk back to basic disk

Recently I installed windows 7 on my laptop. While installing I came to know that I can't make more than 4 disk partitions. After successful installation, I decided to shrink one of the highest space drive. Windows said I needed to convert the drives to dynamic for this purpose. I did that. Later that day I wanted to repartition my drives and install windows 8.1, windows restricted me to do so because the drives were dynamic. So after hours of struggle I was able to convert them back to basic and I think this information might me helpful for someone someday, hence posting it here:

  1. Boot your system with windows installation dvd in it.
  2. Click Repair your system.
  3. Open command prompt.
  4. Type diskpart
  5. Type list disk
  6. Type select disk 0
  7. Type clean
Repeat steps 6 and 7 for all the disks which you have. That's all! Your factory fresh system is in your hands :)
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