May 31, 2014

Mother Bird: Live on Windows Phone Store!!

Mother Bird for Windows Phone is here!!
Just click on the link to go to Windows Phone Store and play my first game for windows phone :)

May 17, 2014

How to convert dynamic disk back to basic disk

Recently I installed windows 7 on my laptop. While installing I came to know that I can't make more than 4 disk partitions. After successful installation, I decided to shrink one of the highest space drive. Windows said I needed to convert the drives to dynamic for this purpose. I did that. Later that day I wanted to repartition my drives and install windows 8.1, windows restricted me to do so because the drives were dynamic. So after hours of struggle I was able to convert them back to basic and I think this information might me helpful for someone someday, hence posting it here:

  1. Boot your system with windows installation dvd in it.
  2. Click Repair your system.
  3. Open command prompt.
  4. Type diskpart
  5. Type list disk
  6. Type select disk 0
  7. Type clean
Repeat steps 6 and 7 for all the disks which you have. That's all! Your factory fresh system is in your hands :)

May 4, 2014

The other side of Partitioning SD card to increase android's RAM

Partitioning SD card does free up a portion of internal memory for use as RAM. However, there are many not so positive side effects:
  1. SD card needs re-partitioned and all your SD card data will be lost during process.
  2. SD card speed rating plays a crucial role in the system's overall performance and stability.
  3. If you remove SD card, phone will stop working.
  4. SD card's life will get reduced and there will be extra wear and tear over time as SD cards, unlike EPROM in flash memory, aren't designed for many write cycles.
  5. Device will not be stable. You may see application not responding more often.
  6. If data corruption happens on SD card, phone will become inoperable, requiring a complete re-flashing of ROM and loss of all data.

May 1, 2014

Beats Audio: Revolutionize your android music experience!

So what do these apple fans brag about most? Of course the music quality. Even though this is pretty much the only thing they can boast about, seems now android lovers are going to snatch this privilege too haha!

A much heard brand in classy music industry: beats audio drivers is up for grabs. A number of phones sporting beats audio were released by HTC. Beats audio is a branded equalizer that enhances the overall music listening experience. XDA developers have turned this into an app for all android phone owners :)

Your devices must be rooted in order to savour the flavours of this amazing driver. Moreover, if after installing you feel you were better of stock, simply uninstall.